Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visitors ...

One morning last week I heard a chatty voice in Bea’s room, so I opened the door a crack. She was entertaining two elderly gentlemen, at least that's what she claimed. I was curious about their ages.

Me: “Elderly? How old?"

Bea: “Seventy or so.”

As soon as I reach her bedside, she asks me to get the men something to eat, proper behavior with guests, after all. I explain there is no one in the room but us. Of course, she does not want to believe this. The elderly gentlemen are very real in her mind.

The day before Bea had told me there were 40 people in the room and none of them would speak to her. I’m glad she is able to get the elderly gentlemen to have a conversation. Mother has always been very social. Entertaining means a lot to her.

This weekend Sven & I were able to get away for two days of much needed rest. Our neighbor Sally Branch came to sit by Bea's bedside for a couple hours after we left. Sally reported they had a good visit. My brother Nick and his wife Betsy arrived around 4:00. Luckily, Bea was having one of her talkative days. She was wide awake for most of Friday and Saturday. They were treated to tales of her childhood …


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