Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bea's CD Collection

Bea slept soundly all day. I didn't even need to put on a CD for her. I guess she was all partied out.

Each Christmas Stephanie gives her grandma a new CD. One of Bea’s favorites is Andrea Bocelli. His voice seems to transport her to Italy, a country she enjoyed. Bea studied Italian at Vassar and was fond of saying she spoke it well.

Her CD collection also includes love poetry, Frank Sinatra and classical music.

Recently Bea hasn’t seemed to be paying much attention to which CD I chose. We have been listening to Mozart a lot. It is becoming the soundtrack to our day.

Then, suddenly, Bea speaks up: “I don’t want that one. I hear it every day.”

Ah-ha! CDs do provide more than just background music!


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