Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yesterday Knee Pain & A Clear Mind … Today Knee Pain & Confusion

Bea slept all day. It took her half an hour to eat a banana. I placed the banana in her hand and she took a bite. I went off to prepare dinner and returned ten minutes later. Bea just lay there, with her head to one side, clasping the banana to her chest. Every time I came back in the room, I would show her the half-eaten banana and she would take another bite. I mention the banana to demonstrate how each day is different. Yesterday Bea was animated, talkative, and reflective. Her knee was hurting, so I sat by the bedside in an effort to distract her. Actually, Bea did most of the talking. Among the interesting things she had to say:

1) “Stephanie gives very thoughtful presents.” (This is true. My daughter Stephanie gave her Grandma several favorite CDs and a pillow that conforms to the shape of the head.)

2) “My sister Helen always felt sorry for herself. I know why. My mother wanted to go back to work as a secretary and couldn’t do it because she got pregnant. She hated the idea of being pregnant. So, she liked me better than Helen. Just because she was annoyed at being pregnant with Helen, which is stupid. She did stupid things.”

3) “They used to have really good musical comedies when I was a little girl. Sunny was very popular. Everyone went to see it. It was quite an excursion. We took the ferryboat. The whole family went. That was before there was a tunnel. Everybody was singing this song:
Never comb your hair, Sunny.
Leave the breezes there, Sunny.
Let your stockings fall down, shocking the town,
As all that you do …
Oh my sunny girl, be my honey girl . . .”


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