Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Elderly Bedridden Lady’s Shopping Cart

If an elderly bedridden lady could shop, here is what she would put in her cart:

• Flexible straws. Makes drinking in bed so much easier.

• A sippy cup. Yes, from the infants aisle at the supermarket. As an alternative, a plastic cup with a straw already inserted.

• An air sponge or two or three. (Now there are several different kinds. The first one I got is called Nature’s Air Sponge Odor Absorber. It pledges to absorb pollutants and remove odors. I am not quite sure what the active ingredient is, but trust me, it works. The air is immediately refreshed once you remove the lid. Smells Begone also makes a Relaxing Lavender Odor Absorber.)

• Depend Fitted Maximum Protection Briefs, Small/Medium, the kind with tabs, as well as underpads, both located on the same aisle. (Since the small size sells out quickly, I advise the purchase of several packages of briefs at a time.)

• Baby wipes

• Individual portions of applesauce, Jello, chocolate pudding, etc.

• Lavender skin lotion

• A face mister: Evian makes a mineral water spray that fits easily in the hand, but not all supermarkets carry it.

• Ice cream and popsicles!


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