Saturday, October 14, 2006


Bea wrote this comment on an envelope in 1995:

“I want to tell you about Geronimo. He was a tomcat. We had taken over our female Siamese to be mated. In charge was a gracious girl of fifteen.

‘Geronimo is a fine cat,’ she advises in a matter-of-fact voice. ‘He’s good to his females. First he licks them all over.’

So much for cats. Hmmm. Hurray for Geronimo!

The French want to know what women want. I suspect they want a screaming-me-me orgasm, though they may not realize.

What would be the ideal approach in making love to a woman?

Most of all, the right mood, the right state of mind, the wellbeing that comes after a delicious meal in a soothing setting with wine, perhaps after a good movie.

Tenderness can be ever so erotic.

A man’s desire is centralized; a woman’s pervasive over her entire body. Apparently it is so with cats ...”


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