Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bea's Fall

When I peek into the bedroom, I get the shock of my life: the bed is empty. The comforter lies on the floor to the left. I find Bea huddled on the floor to the right, shivering. I had left her asleep and gone to work in the garden. I expected she would be out cold, due to two previous days of over-activity. Instead, she must have awakened and decided to get out of bed. I do not know how she managed. I didn’t even think she could sit up by herself anymore ...

Immediately I call to Sven. He helps me lift Bea back onto the bed, not an easy task. We pile on covers and a heating pad. I feed her hot soup. Her teeth are chattering. I want to scold her but can’t. It is my fault for not preventing this. I had told myself I should do something to stop her from removing the covers. Bea had expressed the desire to get out of bed several times over the past few days. I had reminded her gently that she was bedridden. Well, now Bea has proved me wrong.

Luckily nothing seems broken. How strong her bones must be!


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