Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clothing for Elderly Bedridden Ladies

Bea slept all day, and no wonder. She seems to have a scratchy throat after all that socializing. Therefore this morning I thought I would share what I have learned about appropriate apparel.

Elderly ladies do not need new nightgowns. Old ones are fine. Changing soiled clothes is part of the daily reality.

Nightgowns should be short. I took scissors to Bea’s favorite and chopped five inches off the bottom. Thinner material is better. It does not bunch up as much. Bea gets cold easily, so we do not dress her in flimsy cotton, even on hot days. She gets long sleeves and light flannel.

Under the nightgown goes a brief. Now, I do not say diapers because better to use a euphemism. No one wants to hear they wear diapers. The easiest kind is not pull-ups. Instead, I search out underwear with flaps that have tabs. The pharmacy stocks lots of different models but both nursing and hospice personnel recommend one, easier to change on someone who is lying down. Since everyone is looking for this underwear with flaps, it sells out fast. Whenever available, I buy several small/medium packages. Each brief costs about 70 cents.

Bea wears cotton socks to keep the Bag Balm on her bedsore. Sheepskin booties exist to prevent bedsores from forming on feet.

Over the sheet, I place a sheepskin, soft under Bea’s boney body. On top of the sheepskin goes an underpad.

Et voilà! You have the appropriately dressed and outfitted elderly bedridden lady.


Blogger uropinion said...

I am now in the situation where I have a very elderly and incapacitated mum .I am taking courge from your blog to see how I can bring some pain relief and comfort to her via appropriate clothing and other assistive things.Thanks for sharing on your blog about Bea.

10:11 AM  

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