Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bertha's Lullaby

Bea spends more and more time in the past.

This morning she talks about older sister Helen, long deceased, who was visiting with two children, one on a tricycle.

“Who is that darling little boy?” Mother asks.

I explain that there is no one there that I can see.

“They were standing right there, at the foot of my bed,” she insists.

Bea, who never used to sing, suddenly remembers songs I have never heard before, songs her mother Bertha sang back in New Jersey, probably to both little girls, since they shared a room. This lovely lullaby, for instance:

“Go to sleep my baby. Close your big blue eyes.
Lady Moon will watch you through the darkening skies.
The little stars are peeping, to see if you are sleeping.
Go to sleep my baby. Close your big blue eyes.”


Blogger EllenDottysyoungest said...

My mom, Dorothy Chrystal, Bea's neice used to sing me that lullaby - I don't remember the tune but I remember the words because I don't have big blue eyes, my mom did and I always wanted them-
This is a wonderful blog - I remember Auntie Bea as a vibrant, intellectual, cultured, interesting woman - I was fascinated by her- I am so glad you are giving her the gift of ending her life with as much dignity as possible - I only wish I'd known about this blog before my mom passed away - she would have loved to have heard it - we talked about Bea and Helen and her mom Dorothy a lot in the last 2 years -

7:19 PM  
Blogger David said...

I was searching the web to find a lullaby that matches the one that has been passed down in my family for many generations. Our family lullaby goes like this:

Go to sleep my baby, close your weary eyes, the lady moon is watching, throughout the darkening skies, the little birds are peeking, to see if you are sleeping, go to sleep my baby, go to sleep.. good night.

I am not sure how far it goes back but i know my great grandmother sang it to my mom when she was a little girl and i still sing it to my boys every night when i put them to bed.

your lullaby is the closest i have found to it yet :) hope you have a good day and God bless

9:24 PM  

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