Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bea Says the Darnedest Things

I always enjoy the searches that lead readers to Bea’s Bedside. Here are some of the most recent:

• Worn out by non-stop talking of elderly parent
• Lift bedridden
• Where can I buy a bed-jacket for an elderly person who is bedridden?
• How to change brief bedridden
• Elderly people
• Remembering happy times

I like the idea that this last search produced Bea’s blog from all the millions out there. An elderly bedridden person often recalls the past. Fortunately Bea seems to focus in on happy times. Her mind is frequently back in childhood.

I have also noticed that Bea's inner-censor has gone offline. This situation makes her say the darnedest things. Among the more recent:

• “I want to go to sleep. I want to sleep until spring.”
• "The pee has a mind of its own."


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