Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Everyone Has a Name"

Bea often brings up her name.

“My name is Beatrice,” she will say quietly to herself, lying there in bed and wiggling her toes, “What a pretty name!” Or, “Beatrice is my name. It means ‘bringer of happiness.’”

I look on the Internet and discover she is right: "From the Latin name Beatrix, derived from beatus 'blessed soul' and meaning 'that gives happiness, joy.'"

Today I found this neat little acrostic poem Bea wrote in her later years, no doubt, while bored and already no longer able to read for long periods at a time:

B Be careful when you fly alone!
E Everybody wants to fly
A around this world from
T time to time,
R returning now and then,
I in record time, to
C come again to
E every happy place remembered,

G going over many years.
R returning, turning to my youth
A a long, long time ago
B because it helps to remember:
B Beatrice is my name.
E Everyone has a name.


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