Friday, September 08, 2006

Letter from Harry

"January 19, 1968

Dear Bea,

Your letter is a very interesting one, and, of course, unexpected. If you feel this psychiatric analysis is benefiting your complex, whatever that happens to be, it is money well spent, but you only are the judge of that. I know of nothing in your early childhood that would be of help.

There were incidents, later in your life. No doubt you remember when Mother was in the hospital with Bob? You went sledding on the Joralemon Street hill and collided with another sled, resulting in a slight concussion. I happened to be home when a group brought you in. Dr. Murray came up at once and stated that you were to be kept quiet and that you would be perfectly normal by morning, which turned out to be the case.

Of course, Mother and you had many quarrels until you left home and took a room on a street near the East River. From then on your life was a closed book, and, no doubt, you well remember those days. I always felt you were your mother’s favorite.

There was one incident that I will never forget and this one might prove of help. Remember your trip abroad as hostess? When we arrived at the pier at sailing time, we found you in a distraught condition, and you finally admitted that your good friend Ted, whom you thought was in love with you, was even more in love with your friend Nancy and had spent the last night before sailing with her. I suppose you two compared notes and perhaps agreed he was not worth the affection you were both showering upon him, and, to this I certainly agree to this day. With this I will close and hope one of these episodes will help you in the analysis.

Love, Dad”


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