Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Letter from Dorothy

"Sunday, 12/4/94

Dear Bea,

I’m sorry you were so upset by difficult thoughts that you couldn’t sleep when you wrote me. You had other stresses in addition to anything I had said. If you had previously told me all that you wrote, I would have been better able to understand. It’s too bad that Mother, and mostly Dad, had such awful Victorian mores. Sex was okay for them but no one else!! I just did my little-girl masturbation in secret. I was going to enjoy anyway! I got self-slapped by nasty Uncle Ray, too, and it took all my will power not to give him a dose of his own medicine when he was old.

It’s too bad when a lover doesn’t understand the value of foreplay to arouse a woman, and she must also work hard herself to achieve the orgasm. It’s a joint effort and even then, not always attained in my opinion.

It’s hard for me to grasp why Jack and Jimmie are to be shunned when quite innocent and removed from their father’s acts. Guilt by association? So awful in the McCarthy era! You must remember.

I enclose $40, $20 for your Christmas gift and $20 for Paul. Please buy a bottle of champagne as my gift to him. I know how much he enjoys it, and it is festive when celebrating.

I think, however, Bea, that you are entitled to make a family call even if he cannot with no sibling. Do you get paid for all the work you’ve done on his books and other duties concerning them? You might calmly remind him of this. Don’t let any man browbeat you ever! That’s my motto (smiley face).

I’m sure, now in Florida, you can relax in the nice warmth.

Have an enjoyable Christmas and get some of the rest you deserve.

With my love always,



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