Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bea Remembers the Freedom March

This morning I ask Bea if she ever met Art Buchwald. She doesn’t think so. While talking about life in Washington, DC, I remember that my mother participated in the 1963 Freedom March. I suggest she tell Lisa about the experience since officials participated in groundbreaking for a memorial to Dr. King yesterday ...

BEA: “It was impressive. I’m sorry you missed it.”

LISA: “What was the march about?”

BEA: “Freedom.”

LISA: “Were there a lot of people?”

BEA: “Quite a few. Millions. Millions of strangers.”

LISA: “How long did you march?”

BEA: “Too long! All around Washington.”

LISA: “Did you hear Martin Luther King speak?”

BEA: “I did. That really did impress me. He spoke with such feeling, and he knew what he was talking about. I wanted him to talk so people understood that day.”

LISA: “Did people understand?”

BEA: “Yup.”

LISA: “What was his message?”

BEA: “Be good kids.”


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