Friday, November 03, 2006

Conversation with Lisa (2)

Before Lisa’s visit, Bea eats half a peach/mango applesauce. Strangely enough, she accepts this new variety better than regular flavor. After changing Bea’s brief, Lisa feeds her the second half.

BEA: “This is what I had yesterday …. Pretty soon I won’t be eating.”

LISA: “What do you mean?”

BEA: “Pretty soon I’ll be in Heaven.”

LISA: “Oh! And what does Your Heaven look like?”

Bea does not answer, busy considering the question.

LISA: “Who will be in Your Heaven?”

BEA: “Jesus ...”

LISA: “Will he be there with open arms?

BEA: “….but what do you mean by My Heaven?”

LISA: “What does Heaven mean to you?”

BEA: “What does Heaven mean to you?”

LISA: “In My Heaven, there would be her two huge dogs.”

BEA: “Why two? Most people have one.”

LISA: “Because I want to be surrounded by unconditional love. Who else will be in Your Heaven?”

BEA: “Heaven? I don’t believe in Heaven.”

LISA: “Where will you go after you are done being here?”

BEA: “I’m going to sleep now.”

Neither Nick nor I can remember Bea ever mentioning Heaven or Jesus. This episode demonstrates a need to believe in something after death, perhaps a throwback to childhood, when Bea was brought up Episcopalian.

Lisa suggests a visit from the chaplain might be appropriate. I decide to invite the chaplain on a day when Bea is talkative.


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