Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hunger Pangs

“I just made some nice vegetable soup,” I tell Bea to entice her to eat. “It has got leaks from the garden. And potatoes from the garden. And – ”

“Ice cream from the garden? …”

Yes, ice cream has become Bea’s favorite food. Day merges into night for those who sleep round the clock, and regular meals can become problematic. Elderly stomachs still growl when a person gets hungry. They just don’t growl according to schedule.

Over the past six months, Bea has come up with many different ways to communicate she needs nourishment. Here are some of my favorites:

1.) “I don’t feel well enough to do anything, so somebody else will have to make dinner.”

Translation: “I’m hungry.”

2.) “We have to go to a restaurant for somebody”

Translation: “I’m hungry.”

3.) “Couldn’t we have Sven make some of that nice cereal for your bed & breakfast guests?”

Bea wants porridge, not cream of wheat, for breakfast.

4.) “Can you help Martin to get lunch?”

Translation: Bea wants food.

5.) “Are you hungry?”

Translation: “I’m hungry.”

6.) “I’ll open my mouth and you put something in it.”


Blogger Elaine Frankonis said...

My mother, too, is eating less and less. She seems to prefer desserts to actual meals. She does like my homemade soups, so, for example, today I made some beef vegetable. Hopefully, she eat some before she asks for chocolate chip cookies.

9:36 PM  

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