Friday, December 01, 2006

Condolences from Julian

I am saddened to hear of your mother - Mrs Grabbe as i always liked to call her
i knew her for a long time, since 1970
she really liked the big deck of the little house
reminding everyone that it was my idea
i remember making grilled fish for your mother and father on the deck during
one of the Autumns we were invited to Wellfleet
i have fond memories of those times
i will miss her
she had a big heart
with sympathy
julian (Olivas)

P.S. the photo was taken in Spring of 2003 on a walk with the dogs in Central Park
the sky was windswept so the heart held its shape for only about a minute
it was traced by a single airplane at approximately 5000 feet
it only made this one shape
making two passes - one for each half of the heart
how fleeting these moments are


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