Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why Choose Alternatives to Nursing Homes?

Today I had a lovely visit from Joe, an early reader of this blog. We had tea and discussed life, his Christy, and my mom. Joe homecared Christy, who passed away peacefully at home last spring.

Also, there has been a flurry of blog information regarding elderly care and nursing homes, which I would like to pass on to By Bea’s Bedside readers.

First, FATE, Foundation Aiding the Elderly. Founder Carole Herman’s goal is, "Assuring our elders are treated with care, dignity and the utmost respect during their final years when they can no longer take care of themselves."

The Boomer Chronicles post "Beware of these Nursing Homes" with its link to a September 2006 Consumer Reports article on what the situation in nursing homes is today in America.

Finally, Ronni, at Time Goes By, whose blog today features reference to an article in the AARP Magazine, which you should all read. It is called Embedded.


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