Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why This Blog Must End

Yesterday I decided not to post anymore of Bea's writing. She would have loved blogging had it existed when she was younger. Yesterday, for the first time in over seven months, I did not post a By Bea's Bedside blog. I find myself grieving for both my mother and the high, produced by recording this intimate journey that was the end of her life. As we prepare for the memorial service, I want to again thank the strangers who cared enough to read the blog every day and send comments. Most blogs do not end unless the writer gets lazy. This one is different. It has no reason to continue. I hope, however, to create a book out of the writing Bea inspired and have begun a search for an agent who recognizes its value.

Tomorrow a special treat, a film my son made in memory of his grandma ...


Blogger Karyn said...

I will be sad to see this end come about... and I shall respectfully disagree with you that this has no reason to continue... but that is a call for you alone to make and so I must respect that.

Looking forward to tomorrow then.

I shall miss it... and you...

7:10 AM  
Blogger Zuleme said...

I have found your blog very meanginful as I think about caring for my in-laws and my mother (she is on the Cape). I hope to sometime meet you in Wellfleet and get a copy of your France book too. My husband is Swedish so I think we have a few things in common.
It may be time for the blog to end but I'm sure you won't stop writing about Bea. She sounds like a wonderful person who lived an interesting life and you are lucky to have had her for a mother.
I especially loved the times when she would say how much she loved you. She sounded so sweet.

10:38 AM  

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